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Person Physical issue and how you solved it Programming issue and how you solved it
Ellie I found that the glue on my finger set the wrong way and so I had to pick it all out and start again with a metal wire. My code wouldn’t upload properly to the pin board so I talked to Jess and she had the same program and calibration so I downloaded it off her computer when nothing else worked.
Grace N/A 1. When trying to look at the numbers on the serial monitor I realised that the ‘baud rate’ was on the wrong setting - it was supposed to be on 9600 which was on my code and that’s why the numbers weren’t showing up.
2. My code wasn’t uploading onto the arduino nano board but then I realised that the setting was uploading it to the normal arduino board, not the nano. After changing this, it worked.
Chloe N/A My changes on the code weren’t uploading to the website, so after a bit of searching online, I found these instructions that worked: Go to settings of your browser. Find ‘clear cache history’ and clear the last hour. For Google Chrome, you scroll down to the bottom, press Advanced, and scroll down to the bottom of the next set of settings and you’ll see clear cache. Uncheck all of the other options because they don’t matter. Done!
Nat The glue on the arduino board did not stick it came undone so I put lots of glue on Check spelling, often the code doesn’t work because you might have spelt something wrong so double check spelling. If the code doesn't work make sure the program is set to nano arduino.
Maddy My micro servo keeps moving the wrong way? If this occurs there is an easy fix! Just take of the top part and rotate it so that the finger can return back to normal. N/A
Lily N/A The calibration was not working between the flex sensor code and the servo code. To fix this made sure all numbers of analogue pins are the same. E.g. A6 was a line of code for the flex sensor and the servo code had A9. Thus change so they are both the same.
Eloise Make sure the wires for the flexi sensor and micro servo are connected to the right pin on the board. Check this with your code to see what pin you need to attach them too. And remember that the brown wire goes to the GND pin. N/A
Myself The hot glue was setting too fast. I allowed the glue to heat-up longer before using it. My code wasn’t uploading to my board. I fixed it by comparing my code to two other people’s code and when my code continued to not work. I sent it to someone else’s laptop and successfully downloaded it onto my nano there.